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As well as providing certificates for modern cut diamonds, we also specialise in second hand / antique jewellery which generally does not come certified. Diamond owners outsource third-party labs for grading/certification so that when it reaches the retail store, prices are set according to these grades. Some retailers offer in-house certificates where they grade their own diamonds. You’ll notice in this case, there’s no independent party involved in grading the diamonds (red flag alert!). Each lab administers its own special grading systems and diamond-related nomenclature. Some labs are inconsistent with their diamond testing methods and have flimsy standards.

Diamond grading labs

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Natural diamonds as well as lab diamonds, are available in many colors and tints.The traditional "clear" stones found in most engagement and wedding rings are known as known as white diamonds.Whereas fancy colored diamonds are the vivid shades like pink, green and yellow. Diamond Certification. We believe your jewelry purchase should be one of joy. You should feel confident you're getting what you pay for. We believe that grading authorities should stand behind their work. That all diamonds can be, and should be, graded accurately and consistently. Read More Arctic Gem Labs (AGL) is an independent laboratory offering accurate and timely diamond grading certificates & services Find your report Find "Arctic Gem Labs for over a decade is dedicated to providing an accurate and consistent Canadian diamond analysis and gemstone identification report" IGI independently verifies lab diamonds, grading them according to a number of factors e.g.

Diamond grading labs

There are only about 40 to 50 red diamonds in the world. Diamonds are graded by laboratories on a scale with 27 different color hues. ダイアモンドグレーディングラボラトリーからのお知らせ. 2020-09-01. 規約変更のお知らせ 。. 2020-06-01. 福岡ラボ 会社清算による閉所のお知らせ 。.
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Diamonds are graded with varying reliability, but to get the best deal, you should purchase a diamond that has either been certified by the GIA or the AGS. More Details on GIA and AGS Grading Systems The GIA Diamond Cut Grading System Diamond grading laboratories evaluate the gems that are sent to them and define key qualities of the stone they’re examining. When it comes to diamonds, they generally study and provide information in 4 primary areas. These are the 4 key drivers of diamond value—often referred to as the “4 C’s.” They include the following: Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – GIA is the leading and most well respected diamond grading laboratory around the world. They have set the standards for grading diamonds and their service is used widely. In fact, they are so consistent that they are looked upon as the most trusted gemological grading agency around the world. Diamond grading laboratories are third party, independent diamond grading entities. They issue diamond certificates which describe the characteristics and quality of a diamond.

The same standards apply to all laboratories, and the EGL has a different approach to grading when compared with the other leading laboratories. If the same exact diamond was sent to a reliable grading lab like GIA or AGS, you can bet that the diamond would return with SIGNIFICANT lower ratings. You basically paid Tiffany-like prices for a diamond that’s isn’t cut to ideal standards. Some people think it’s worth it; most don’t. Unfortunately, while other diamond grading labs have embraced lab-created diamonds, the GIA, well, not so much.
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Here’s the IGI Clarity Grading scale (from best to worst): There are many diamond grading laboratories around the world all of which produce their own grading reports according to their own standards, and in some cases employ their own terminology. As certificates play a large part in determining the value of diamonds, it is important to understand the different grading systems and how they compare with each other. IGI independently verifies lab diamonds, grading them according to a number of factors e.g. cut, clarity, color, and carat. IGI certified diamonds using a graded color scale. The less color a diamond has the better the grading it will receive. Less color generally equals more sparkle!

As a consumer who is shopping for a diamond engagement ring, it is extremely important for you to understand the differences between the various gemological institutes and grading certificates. You see, each lab uses its own grading system and nomenclature. Diamond Grading Labs and Pricing 40 years ago grading reports were only done for the finest quality diamonds.
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The most respected diamond grading laboratories the Gemological Institute of America, HRD and the International Gemologic DGLA: Diamond and Gem Laboratories of America. · IGI: International Gemological Institute. · AGS: American Gemological Society. · EGL: The European Gemological Laboratory Organization. There are many more diamond grading agencies .. Each EGL USA Gemological Report provides a clear, concise view of your stone. So, it's more than an exceptional document.

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Add on services are available for light behavior analysis and clarity plots. All GIA Diamond Grading Report Documents the carat weight, clarity and colour grades of a diamond, as well as its exact measurements, and in the case of Round Brilliant cuts, a cut grade. To see an example, click on the certificate on the right. GIA Diamond Dossier Issued for diamonds weighing less than 1 carat.